Bristol being the city where i was born, its my favourite place to spend as much time as I can, and obviously being into fashion and phisical stores, every time I visit I check out all the stores to see whats up. 
Its been a while since my last visit because of Covid Restrictions, so this time i went to the stores some have vanished and some new ones have appeared, also some of the og stores have changed locations and some have managed to get through this hard time, and hats of the them because being a store owner myself it hasent been easy. 
Bristol is a vibrant city and its full of young people out on the streets even though the weather is a bit shit. Its one of the best cities to go shopping in the uk and there are loads of brick and mortar stores to visit. So heres my top ones and a little description of what you can fins in them. 



Size is a UK retailer that specializes in bringing different brands and clothes that you dont tend to find on normal highstreet retailers. The brand has been about since the year 2000 and you can find stores all over the UK, since I was little I have always been to SIZE to get stussy goods, but this last visit they have stopped carrying the brand. 

Some cool brands you can find in Size range from NIKE NRG, PLEASURES, BILLIONARES BOY CLUB, ICECREAM, THE NORTH FACE and much more. 


98 / 100 The Horsefair, Broadmead, Bristol BS1 3JS


I had never seen this shop before, so Im not sure how long its been in Bristol, but its deffo my new favourite store in the city. The concept is like Round Two in USA, buy sell and trade. The shop is full of all the best second hand streetwear, Evisu, stone island, stussy, supreme, palace, vintage nike sneakers, vintage designer and anything you can imagine. And they also have a barber shop downstairs witch reminds me of my store in Valencia. 



40 Park St, Bristol BS1 5JG

They also have another store on the graffiti route of upfest on the other side of the city  



The foot locker in the city centre is a must visit mainly because its close to the other shops and sometimes you can find some pretty decent reduced items, but the Nike sportswear they had was just as expensive as in Size and no near the quality.




I have been buying bits here for years and sometimes you can find some cool brands, but they had a vintage pop up in store and prices were so expensive, this happens allot when vintage stores colaborate with  comercial  retailers. And I don't like the concept of over inflating vintage prices just because its available in these type of stores, if you are in a city, buy from independent stores at good prices and keep vintage in the hands of people that know what there doing 

The Vintage Rework was pretty well made

and the dickies and carhartt pant selection was deffo very complete 


loot has been around bristol for years and they have changed there location to park street where all the shops seem to want to be, its a great shop to visit but a bit pricey for my liking 


If your in the city you have to stop by the Carhartt store to check out new colections. 

Tu us carhartt is a timeless brand and just seems that people are always gonna wear it. And to be honest you can't fault the quality 


Sobeys is a cool all round vintage shop on Park Street, they had a great and complete selection of all the good vintage cattegories for guys and girls. I was most impressed by there Vintage Rework Carhartt jackets.


One of my favourite shops for new streetwear, they carry some of the coolest new hype brands aswell as many others. Parra, chinatown market, butter, obey, pleasures and loads more. 





And remember fam, shop local and support your citys shops. Don't let these big corporations flood the streets with low quality fast fashion garments. 


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